Many Banner Styles

Tons of features crammed into 1 theme

We offer three initial unique banner styles, all with an optional info bar, bringing the total combinations up to 6. All these changes update in real time, so no more flicking back and forth between browser windows as you make changes, they all happen right before your eyes.

Each banner style offers a unique look and feel, greatly changing the theme in an instant and opening up a whole array of creative possibilities. You can change the colors to suite your brand, but to really create an impact, you can add your own background image for truly unlimited creative potential.

Version 1

A very popular style at the moment in web design. It features a logo aligned to the left and a navigation area aligned to the right. It allows for a moderately sized navigation.


Version 2

This version moves the navigation into its own “band” situated below a full width banner. This header style lends itself well to sites that require a larger navigation. The additional space in the banner left by the navigation opens the doors to adding a creative background image within the banner.


Version 3

Similar to version 2, this features a full width navigation that can contain a larger amount of links than version 1. The header is much taller, with the addition of a background image on the header this would be the most visually effective header style.



Here we illustrate how you can add the optional info bar to any of the previously mentioned header styles. You can also see the hello bar which is a temporary bar which appears at the very top of the page above any header or infobar.